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bespoke graphic design experience to help you
elevate your brand and reach your goals quickly

The VIP Design Day is an accelerated, intensive graphic design experience that cuts out the waiting time

and allows you to work 1:1 for 8 hours with a professional designer like me to handle your design wishlist.


The VIP Design Day experience is created to deliver your top priority graphic design needs within couple of days, literally! We work collaboratively and get super focused so you have the results ready within less than 48 hours. 


This means that the entire VIP Design Day experience is all about you, your brand and your project. 

wh0 is the VIP Design Day for?


Are ready to share your brand with the world and reach your dream audience

Can commit to be available and stay

in touch on the day 

Make quick decisions & provide

instant feedback

Have everything you need to get started 



Are unsure what are your goals

and design priorities

Prefer more time to review and provide feedback on the design work

Are not able to make yourself available on the day

Can’t guarantee you’ll have everything ready for the day

what can be done in the VIP Design Day?

I made it super easy for you and developed 4 packages

you can choose from depending on your goals and priorities

The VIP Design Day is focused around one area depending on your design needs and marketing goals.

During our strategy session one week before the VIP  Design Day we clarify exactly what will and won’t be done on the day. To give you an idea, below are some examples of what we can get done in one day:

Marketing collateral design_MartaKamilla.jpg

~ Stationery pack (e.g. business card,  

DL brochure, letterhead, flyer)

~ Social media pack (e.g. Instagram posts,

social media banner, icons) 


~ Newsletter design


~ Booklet design

~ Freebie/Offer Design pdf document ​


how it works

what's included?


~ A comprehensive, tailored questionnaire tailored to target your top priority design needs 

~ 60-minute strategy session via Zoom to discuss the questionnaire,

plan the VIP Design Day and go through the checklist of what I need from you before we begin

~ 15-minute kick-off Zoom call on the day

~ 8 hours of intensive design work focused 100% on your project only,

including 3 check-ins (for feedback and questions)

~ 15-minute wrap up Zoom call & VIP Design Day summary pdf emailed to you


~ 30-minute post-VIP Design Day support with up to 7 days after project completion to answer your questions


investment $990*

* Introductory offer

I only book up to 4 VIP Design Days per month. Check the calendar and reserve your spot.

your questions answered

Do I need to be available on the VIP Design Day?

Yes please. To make the most of this experience you will need to be available for the 15-minute kick-off Zoom call and for the feedback and review sessions throughout the day

How far in advance can I book?

I recommend booking no less than 2 weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to be able to collect and prepare all your content and files that is due back 7 days prior to your scheduled day for our strategy session.

What do I need to prepare before VIP Design Day?

Once you book your VIP Design Day,

I will send you the Welcome Pack with Questionnaire your need to fill in and send back before our strategy session. The Welcome Pack will also include the checklist of all things I need from you (like e.g. your logo files, copy/text, images, fonts etc.)

Can you guarantee we get everything done on the day?

The strategy session before the VIP Day will allow us to determine what we are likely to realistically achieve in a VIP Design Day. The result also depends on the pre-work you are required to do and the exchange of feedback on the day.  

What can we get done during the VIP Design Day?

I prepared 4 VIP Design Day packages you can download HERE. We will discuss your design goals and needs during pre-VIP Day strategy session and can make adjustments to the package if necessary.

What if I need revisions or more time?

If you need more items designed or additional revisions done you can book another VIP Design Day to get this done. We can discuss that during our 30 minute post-VIP Day Zoom call.

if you still have questions simply get in touch 


 Curious about my packages?

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