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I'm Marta and I am a brand & pattern designer and illustrator based in Byron Bay hinterland, Australia.

Design and art are my two greatest passions that allow me to express who I am and connect with myself and others. I want my clients to feel the same when we work together.

I love helping my clients to create brand visuals infused with bold authenticity and their unique spirit.

I work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and artisans all over the world who are passionate about what they do. 


Clients I love to work with:
~ wellness studios & beauty salons
~ boutique hotels
~ eco conscious clothing designers
~ natural skincare brands
~ boutique restaurants and cafes
~ jewellers, ceramic artists, candle makers

Graphic Design Marta Kamilla

behind the scenes

My passion for creating goes back to my childhood. Being an introverted girl, I loved spending hours painting and drawing, immersed in the world I was creating.

Disconnected from my passion for years, I reclaimed it already well into my adult life when living in Brisbane. I spent eight years there creating hand painted jewellery, accessories and art and participated in various art markets and exhibitions. I also ran art workshops for kids and adults in Brisbane and surrounds. 

After moving to Norther Rivers, I discovered my second passion that is graphic and pattern design.

It suddenly felt like I was connecting the dots. Today I am the happiest person when I can share what

I love with others.

Graphic Design Marta Kamilla About

I  absolutely love animals.

When I was younger I had

a ginger sausage dog Melisa

who lived with me for 18 years.

Currently I am a bit obsessed with

my adorable guinea pig Lusia.



photo taken in Sri Lanka

Graphic Design Marta Kamilla About

You may find me walking along the beach, especially early morning

or before sun sets, the colours

are magical then.
Fresh breeze in my hair and sand under my feet feel make my body and soul sing.

photo taken in Byron Bay

Graphic Design Marta Kamilla About

I love the thrill of travelling; meeting new cultures and wonders of nature, absorbing itwith all senses.
I don't plan my travels in detail and love to leave room for the unknown and spontaneity.


photo taken in Taiwan


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