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Whether you are a business big or small and are looking for sophisticated, unique and bold designs for your products and textiles, my Pattern Library is a perfect place for you!


My Pattern Design Library is a curated selection of designs that will make your beautiful products shine and stand out. Here you will find an eclectic and rich mix of everything nature related, wabi-sabi aesthetic inspired with addition of mystical and folklore accents. 


My designs will look fantastic on products such as:

~ wallpaper

~ curtains
~ womenswear (incl. swimwear & lingerie)
~ home decor (cushions, blankets, throws)
~ beauty accessories (e.g. make-up bags)
~ bed linen 
~ sophisticated stationery 

~ and much more

Browse through the collections with ease and come back as often as you wish, as new patterns are added regularly.


sneak peek at the collection

Below is a little snippet of my pattern library.

If you already have an access password click the button below.
Otherwise fill out the registration form below for your FREE access and join my exclusive subscriber group to be the first to know about the newest additions to my pattern library.

apply for pattern library access

Surface Pattern Design Library is a perfect place for brands and business owners to view and license my

pre-made pattern designs for use on their products and textiles. Patterns can be customised and are offered with a non-exclusive (sold to a limited number of 5 buyers, 1 per category) and exclusive (sold to one buyer only) options available.

Access to pattern library is FREE, however each application is reviewed and needs to be approved to not only protect the designs, but also to ensure my designs are going to be perfect for your business.

Apply for the pattern library access below and once your application has been approved, you will receive

an email within 24 hours with a password to enter (applications received on Friday will be reviewed by the following Monday).


After I have reviewed your business application, you will receive an email with password to access my pattern library.


The fun part!
Browse my collection whenever you want.
I will be adding new patterns once a month.


If you have found
a pattern you love, add it to cart and purchase your pattern licence! If you need extra customisation or have any questions, feel free to email me .


Keep an eye on your inbox as I will contact you within 24hrs from your purchase. 


Get excited!
Final files with your patterns will be emailed to you and ready for you to use on the product category you selected.
I can't wait to see them!

how it works

looking for a custom pattern?

If you are looking for a meaningful collaborative experience and would like your brand to stand out with unique designs, then my custom pattern design process is perfect for you.
Get in touch and let's chat about the details.

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