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passion- connection - nature- sensuality


Le Coco is an Australian company that creates scented coconut wax candles. Born out of passion and offering a plethora of scents, Le Coco evokes emotional connection to places, people, events and enhances sense of belonging while promoting awareness of self care and well-being.


Stewart, passionate owner and creator of Le Coco approached me to create their branding that can be described as luxe & modern simplicity.

The colour palette I selected includes tones inspired by natural coastal scenery, ocean, waves, mountains in the background, sunbeams of the golden hour, toned down pink hues and rich dark navy and turquoise tones combined with dark brown symbolising earth and mountains. This palette shows strong connection to the region that Le Coco originates from, these colours are both organic in their feel and appearance and at the same time allow for sophisticated colour combinations.




- full logo suite

- comprehensive Brand Style Guide 

- illustrated product labels

- illustrated packaging designs

- set of brand patterns

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