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3 colour palettes for small business owners

Colour plays such an important role in our life, both personal and professional. It has highly emotional, sensory and instant effect. Similarly to fonts, your brand colours set a certain tone of your brand voice and are part of a whole puzzle that makes up your brand identity.

Here is a little story. "Marta likes any colour as long as it’s black" my mum once explained to my auntie, who wanted to very generously gift me with some clothing items in all the colours of the rainbow. The only thing was the only colour I was willing to accept in those rebel teenage years was...yes, black.

Though black is still very present in my wardrobe, today I absolutely love and appreciate a whole variety of other beautiful colours.

When I work on colour palette for my client, I usually start with their brand mood board and explore the colours in the imagery to select those that carry the brand personality, story and feelings. Then I play around, adjusting and refining the selection, so we know it's an absolutely the right choice and it feels good.

colour palette for spa wellness centre
spa time colour palette

This colour palette would be perfect for a boutique spa or wellness centre/retreat. It exudes feelings of relaxation, calm and tranquility and reflects connection with nature. Pure zen.

colour palette for artisan cafe
coffee my love colour palette

If you are an owner of an artisan cafe, you may find resonance with this colour palette. It would certainly attract your coffee loving customers, both those who love their morning expresso shot and those who cherish their afternoon caramel late.

colour palette for florist
flower garden colour palette

Perfect colour palette for florists and artisans creating who create flower crowns or arrangements. You can almost smell the peonies and roses when looking at these colours. They are fresh, delicate and elegant.


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