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logo variations that your brand needs

Some commonly asked questions about logo variations:

What is a logo variation?

What logo variations should I have?

Why do I need more than one logo variation?

What kind of logo to use for e.g. x y z ?

Logo is a graphic element - a symbol or icon, text or all of these combined - that represents your brand and makes it recognizable across all your marketing channels. Logo is a visual mark that should capture the essence of your brand. Yet - although very central - a logo is only a part of something bigger, that is your brand.⁠

For your brand to be recognizable, versatile and consistent throughout a variety of platforms, it needs more than just one main logo. For example, if you only have one large horizontal logo, how will it work as the profile photo on your social media business page?⁠ Well…it won’t. And this is where you need logo variations.

A logo variation is a modified version of your primary logo design that gives your brand the flexibility to show up in a consistent and purposeful way in different placements/marketing materials.

Below I give you a very brief explanation of 4 most common and essential logo variations that your brand needs and some examples how and where to use them.

When we work together on your branding you get all these variations ready to use (to see detailed inclusions, download my Services and Pricing Guide).

⁠The main logo used to represent your brand. Primary logos are the most extensive of all logo variations and are used to establish brand recognition and emotional association with your brand.

Your primary logo design needs lots of space because of its intricacies and size and is best to use it where it is not restricted by space.

where to use: desktop website header, large print materials

Secondary logo is also known as an alternate logo. Alternate secondary logos tend to be stripped down versions of your primary logo, focusing mainly on your brand name. This logo can be vertical or horizontal and is used when primary logo would not fit and/or would not be easy to read.

where to use: business cards, invoices, email signature

Also known as a stacked logo, this logo is designed for when you have a square or circular space for your logo use such as social media profile pictures. Stamp logos also work well as watermarks on your brand imagery.

where to use: social media profile images and posts, stickers, stamps

Submark is a simplified version of your primary logo redesigned for channels where a full primary

or secondary logo wouldn’t fit or would be hard to read.

Submarks can include full business name or your brand’s initials and/or a creative element/your brand graphic.

where to use: social media profile images, web favicon, small print pieces

Ready to have a full logo suite designed? Send me a message and let’s chat!


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