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Original digital artwork by Marta Kamilla. Part of The Secret Garden Collection inspired by a magical garden I used to visit during summer holidays at my grandma's when I was a kid. The garden was filled with hundreds of beautiful, colourful flowers and gorgeous butterfiles were flying around. Every time I went there, I felt I was entering a different world, full of magic and beauty.






After purchase you will be emailed a licence agreement listing all details and conditions for the pattern to be used by your business. Once this is finalised you will receive the final pattern file.




You will receive a print ready JPG file at 300dpi resolution. If you need other format files please specify this in the Order Notes when submitting the order or send us a message. 

The pattern should only be used as a repeating pattern, and should not be modified, or have any elements extracted, for any other purpose. 




Each artwork can be customised to best suit your products. We can customise scale, composition and colour palette upon your request. Please note all customisations will be charged at a design fee of $50  per hour and invoiced separately. If you need customisation, please specify this in the Order Notes when submitting the order or send us a message.




This design will looks best printed digitally.




Product mock-ups you see in the pattern library have been created to inspire you and show you how this print can bring products to life. Mock-ups also demonstrate how the pattern seamlessly repeats. 


Leaves On Pink


    Each design in Pattern Library is sold with a NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENCE for 2 years for up to 5 clients/brands. Non-exclusive license patterns will NOT be sold to other brands in the same industry/category as you, for the term of your licence. ie. if you sell wallpapers, I won’t sell the same pattern to another brand who sells wallpapers. Please see Licence Categories for more details.

    If you wish to purchase a non-exclusive licence across multiple categories, please email me.


    If you require an EXCLUSIVE LICENCE (meaning sold to your business solely for a limited time), please get in touch with us at before making a purchase so we can let you know the cost andmake sure your chosen pattern is available exclusively. 


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