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3 Branding Packages

Cohesive visual identity that reflects who you are as a brand is one of the keys to successfully connect with your clients. It goes beyond "just a logo" or brand colours and fonts. It's the overall visual experience that magnetizes your audience.

Branding Packages Marta Kamilla

I offer 3 Branding Packages you can choose from depending on your business needs and goals. Whether you are looking at simple basics to start building your cohesive brand or are ready to go full steam and have all your needs (including website) covered from the beginning, I am here to help. Have a look at my packages and let me know which one feels perfect for you.

Effortless Teal Branding Package Marta Kamilla

Our Effortless Teal Package includes basic elements that are a necessary minimum to start building your cohesive brand. It gives you a base but doesn't cover your needs when it comes to implementing your brand strategy to all marketing channels and reach your dream client.

Juicy Magenta Branding Package Marta Kamilla

Our Juicy Magenta Package includes extensive set of elements to cover more than just fundamental needs so you can launch your newly created or refreshed brand to the world with a solid strategy in mind while gradually building up your full market presence. Depending on your business needs and the brand strategy, this package will let you choose the best options for marketing collateral (think print vs digital) so that you can reach your audience through the channels where they normally hang out.

Luxe Gold Branding Package Marta Kamilla

The Luxe Gold Package includes the full brand suite which gives you a peace of mind that your brand is full steam ready to conquer the world through strong, authentic brand identity. This Package is a truly comprehensive option and includes 5 page website design and set up on Wix platform (exactly how my website is build).

To see the detailed breakdown of what's included in each option click this link to download the copy of my Branding Packages.


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