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logo vs brand

"What do you mean logo vs brand? Isn’t that the same thing?" That might be a general perception but logo and brand are actually not the same thing.⁠

Logo is a graphic element - a symbol or icon, text or all of these combined - that represents your brand and makes it recognizable across all your marketing channels. Logo is a visual mark that should capture the essence of your brand. Yet - although very central - a logo is only a part of something bigger, that is your brand.⁠

Brand on the other hand is so much more, it is a holistic perspective and experience. Brand is an entire and complex collection of elements that create that experience and emotional connection with your audience, these elements are:⁠

~ Your business vision, purpose & values⁠

~ What does your business do/ your product and/or service⁠

~ Your business personality & voice, how you communicate with your audience⁠

~ Visual identity that is your brand colour palette, fonts, logo, patterns, illustrations - all that creates consistent and cohesive visual experience and recognition⁠

In other words, a brand is what represents a business and gives its logo a meaning. ⁠

It is crucial to understand the difference and see that logo design itself does not equal a strong brand and business. That’s why branding - a strategic process of brand design - is such an important and rewarding investment in your business. ⁠

So, are you ready to build your brand and offer your audience an unforgettable experience? Whether you are looking at creating a new brand, need brand refresh of your existing brand or are after professional graphic design help, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch and let me know, I am here to help.


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