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what is a brand style guide?

And why it is essential for each brand to have it?

Cover of an extensive Brand Guidelines book created as part of my Branding Package

Brand Style Guide is a document that sets rules and standards about your brand elements. These rules are created to ensure consistency of your brand across all marketing channels.

More in-depth document - also called Brand Guidelines - also includes brand mission, vision, values, brand voice, target market/ideal client and so on.

Brand Guidelines are shared with partners, media and agencies so they know how to communicate your brand with consistency. Brand Style Guide is a point of reference whenever you - or your designer, marketing agency or a web developer - create new visual asset (basically any marketing material or the product itself if you are a product based business) for your brand.

Brand Guidelines are an essential document that allows your brand to build recognition and trust with your audience.

So what are the core elements of Brand Style Guide?

1. logo use rules

This is a crucial part of your Brand Style Guide. This part not only presents all your logo variations but also outlines rules about how to correctly used your logo to ensure it is used properly.

Logo rules tell you which logo variation should be used where and when, how much space logo should have, what background should be used etc.

2.colour palette details

Details about a colour palette that is used for your branding. Colour palette can consist of primary and secondary colours. In this section you will also find codes corresponding with each colour that are used for specific application (print vs digital). Why? Colours show differently depending whether used in digital world or on printed materials so having all codes handy is very helpful.

3. brand fonts rules

In this section of Brand Style Guide you will find a selection of your brand fonts (typography). Here would be a list of fonts used for headings, special titles and body copy text.

This kind of font hierarchy allows your audience to visually focus on and absorb the most important information first.

4. application examples

The examples of how your branding works on a variety of marketing materials, both printed and digital to make sure it’s consistent.

These can include photos (mockups) showing examples of brochures, business cards, social media posts, website, product packaging or merchandise.

When we work together on your branding you get all these 4 core elements covered and nicely packaged in Brand Style Guide pdf (to see detailed inclusions, download my Services and Pricing Guide).

Are you ready to have your gorgeous branding created? Send me a message and let’s chat!

Fragment of a basic Brand Style Guide created as part of my Branding Package


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